This blog will focus on how the cold war in the 1950`, securitized Immigration policy and led to racial profiling in the United States.We will use Operation Wetback 1954 and the McCarran Walter Act of 1952, to show the racial discourse ,anti-communist rhetoric and containment ideology that surrounded immigration policy in the 1950`s and how it shaped and influenced a generation.

Bunzan, defines securitization as a ‘‘speech act’’ that dramatizes and presents an issue as of supreme priority. By claiming an issue is a matter of security, an agent ‘‘claims a need for and a right to treat it by extraordinary means’’. He also defines politicization as making to make an issue appear to be open, a matter of choice, something that is decided upon and that therefore entails responsibility, in contrast to issues that either could not be different or should not be put under political control.

ln recent years, unauthorized immigration has become a focal point of public attention in the United States. The events of 11 September, 2001 have triggered multiple calls to ‘‘secure our borders,’’ and have led to the intensification of efforts by social actors to frame unauthorized immigration as a matter of national security (Astor,2009).


Nate, Tommy and Daniel

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