Personal Responses

The experience of this project has taught us many unknowns about American culture in the way that our own government has handled past immigration problems and how today it still stands a prevalent problem. With a high percentage rate of Mexican immigrants to the states in the 1950s, the United States boarder policies has changed in some of the most drastic and disturbing ways to which escalated in Operation Wetback. We believe that even though the national security of the country is important that the way in which Mexican immigration was handled in the 1950s was extensively wrong; maybe the reasoning behind these crimes on humanity was because of a lack of knowledge and therefore a lack of respect for another culture. Then again we find this not to be as a big shocker because of the cruel punishments that African Americans had endured in slavery. Although the handling on immigration has gotten better the leading culture to the states still stands to be Mexican and all they are looking for is a better life and jobs, which still needs to be regulated to some degree.